Monday, October 30, 2006

Here we go...

OK, so here's the first post for all the lame idiots out there sitting glued in front of their PC's, reading each word on our(yeah, this blog is a joint fuckin venture) explicit blog, disturbing their minds, wasting their time.... here we go.....
For those lookin for a catchy first post...


For The Hundreds readin this !

For The Millions resting their ass At Home!

And Just Because We're Back Baby!

OooooooooooooH Lets Get Ready To

Suck It!

And OfCourse If You Ain't Down With That We Just Got 2 Words For Ya!!!!!

S U C K >>>> IT!!!!!

Yeah baby the ORIGINALS are back…..

The best of the best

I know you've figured it out already you couch potato s.o.b. that whose line it is.....