Friday, May 25, 2007

What Kind of Rocker Are You?

I am a Punk Rocker!

When it comes to rock, I don't follow any rules
I know that rocking out is all about taking down the man
I've got an incredible stage presence and rock persona
I scare moms, make bad girls (or boys) swoon, and live life on the edge!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

El Clásico

9th May 2007, a day when two fierce but friendly forces named NASHEDEEZ and EAGLES fought on the soccer field for the first and last time. NASHEDEEZ for their pride and EAGLES for NASHEDEEZ's respect! It was one hell of a match... an era was to bid goodbye to their loving juniors(except for Amboozed with whom we'll play again next yr :P )! The friendly battle turned out to be a never to be forgotten CLASSIC!


NASHEDEEZ, a group of IV year guys and a III year boy Amboozed(who got his farewell a bit early... damn it 1 year earlier) anyways this grp, if you're a complete soccer, sutta+maal=joint, booze, rock n roll addict you are welcomed by them or else fuck off and get your ass kissed by some gay!

EAGLES, a group of II year guys (although we too played a I year kiddo from our side) very similar to Nashedeez in the attitude and manners!


Nashedeez: Sid, Molac, Chiddhu, Debu, Nikki, Tau, Krish, Panchee, Poochie, Londe, Jawan, Dama, Dude, and ofcourse our very own Amboozed! These are all the special jersey name that each one of Nashedeez got and my apologies if i missed someone's name.

Eagles: Chooza, Dhaw, Nash, Ganja, Mutthi, T, Pinnu, Jolly, Nikunj, Shikhar, Anshul and Sandy


Just before the kick off there were some major things that needed to be dealt with like:
1- Goal Post of one side was not in its right place so a combined rescue team was launched which after lotsa efforts managed to get it in place! BRAVO rescue team! :P
2- One important player from each side, Molac from Nashedeez and Ganja from Eagles were "MISSING". They both eventually showed up later during the match!
3- Refree for this game was no where to be found so both the teams decieded to FUCK the refree by hypothetically showing a RED CARD to him before the match! :P


I aint no fuckin commentator so here's the match summary

1st Half: Action packed but with no goals

2nd Half: Explosive with 1 goal from each side (Debu scored for Nashedeez after 10 mins of kick off and Chooza scored for Eagles in the dying moments of the match)

Extra Time: Nothing but ordinary soccer (The Sutta effect)
Finally it all came down to Penalty Shoot Out stage, now i'm not gonna ridicule my team by telling about each penalty.....

Nashedeez won the shootout and the match 1-1(4-2 pen.)!

To be really honest this was one of the few very special moments of my life cuz this was a match played as a farewell to the guys whom we loved so much (being straight... you sick mind) The brotherhood that i shared with some of these guys was awesome... We'll(read I on behalf of my whole team) always miss you Nashedeez!

BTW... Keep checkin the space for the snaps taken during the match!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Those Bastards killed Kenny

This is a South park themed post...but will add in stuff for the other readers as well...yeah and in this episode of southpark kenny is killed even before the episode let me explain...TOday is sam's bday and he got one hell of a beating today...although sam is more cartman like, had to change him to kenny coz he got pulverised pretty bad & kenny always dies...anyways happy bday bitch...u deserve a bday post...and that is exactly wat i am doing...anyways he got thrashed pretty badly...yeah it is a custom in coll to almost kill the guy for the sin he commited...that of being born....although i dont disagree with the idiots who started this phylosophy....that of treating "being born" to be a sin....i dont go with them about the trashing part...its just lame and barbaric, i mean wat r u trying to do?? and why the fuck does he(bday boy) get fucked so bad for that...well thats why i guess i am the brilliant idiot shouting at the others...anyways...happy bday sam...from all us "Brilliant Idiots"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Idiot for real

Hey there... m back... back again..... this time though, FURIOUS..... Boy why do these freakin LAB TEST have to come..... I was so much so frustrated after today's lab test that I felt like jumping off the smallest possible place(you dun want me to die.... do you???)and So i jumped off a ladder step!

Had a viva in a subject called Recombinant DNA Technology on a Experiment Protocol that my grp submitted last week...
Not goin into the fuckin(1) details of the fuckin(2) subject cuz my course coordinator fucked(3) me by her fuckitatin(4) ques.and all i cud do was to show her a fuckicious(5) face that sucked(read fucked again if you like the "F" word so much)! Boy she fired up ques like she was an A.K.47 and someone doubted its effectiveness!

Really, I had to go watch Spidey-3 after that "F"iva to come back to my normal self!
K..... about Spidey-3 now.... all those who said its a lame movie including sHaDy can go "F" themselves cuz I liked every second of it!


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Another Idiot of our world.....

Meet Sodhi sir from some channel V advertisement..... he's gotta funny accent and the way he speaks some particular words is just hillarious...
watch for yourself....

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Here we go.....Again....

This is the "sHaDy" version of the first post....

Since Dhaw already explained all the real idiots about the blog, lemme explain my kinda idiots about our blog.The name of the blog "Brilliant Idiots", we decided on it coz we guyz r labeled as idiots in our coll/our small little world in no where, by the majority of the real idiots we have in huge numbers here....hence the name...

In this blog, we will shout out whenever frustrated with the idiots of this world, or just frustrated, or just want to shout showing our anger at one of us, the core group(read actual contributors) defines a certain type of the world (minus the idiots), so we shout out at each other, defining our anger at that part of the community....

Well one more thing, noone here on this blog gives a fuck about what u think about us, u r free to tell us, but fuck u we dont care....ppl who get offended by our blog can fuck themselves (if u r a hot babe, we might even do it for u) and u can get the fuck off our site....this blog is made just for us, not to woo ppl or to impress anyone but just to scream out at the world of the idiots...

So u can label us as idiots or, watever it is u idiots say,
u can try replying to us as frequently as u may,
or even dismiss the whole thing as just a stupid essay,
but all i tell u is "fuck u and have a nice day".

PS:If u want to know why there is AD SENSE in this blog then check this space u will find out...