Sunday, July 20, 2008

Confidential Business Transaction

Confidential Business Transaction
Sunday, July 20, 2008 3:22 PM
"karim ahmed"

Dear sir/madam

I am Mr. Karim Ahmed, Director Account department African development bank Ouagadougou Burkina Faso . I am contacting you with respect to transfer the sum ($25,200,000 USD) Twenty-five Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollar) deposited by a Jordan Merchant named Mr. John Korovo who die in 25th December 2003 plane crash Benin.

Through my investigation, I find out that he die along with his next of kin and the roll-over on the funds has also expire because the bank law stimulates that after five/six years where the next of kin did not appear for the claim funds, the fund will transfer into bank treasury as unclaimed funds. In order to avert this negative development, I will like to seek for your permission as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Mr.John Korovo so that the fruits of this old man's labour will not be use for financing government. The money will be paid into your account for us to share in the ratio of 50% for me and 50% for you and expenses incurred in the course of the transaction will be made both of us.

There is no risk involve in this project as my position in my bank and with the aid of my personal information I will be provided to make you the legal beneficiary and the legality of this project will correspond with local and international laws of inheritance.Upon your response, I shall then provide you with further information and modalities that will help you understand the transaction. You should observe utmost confidentiality, and rest assured that this project would be most profitable for both parties because I shall require your assistance to invest my share in your country.

Awaiting your urgent reply
(telephone number: ( 00226 78 15 47 47 )
Thanks and regards
Mr Karim Ahmed.


Got this in my mail today. Check out his email addy. Superposta ftw XD


What is society? What role do Social gatherings play in our life? Why do we need to socialize?
Its all human nature, a convention followed not to be in solitude, to share the pain of loneliness!
Is it for the weaker kinds? Do strong ones hold onto life all alone? Some say they don't need others to influence their lives and that they are their own master! If loneliness is a pain and pain is temporary then what use is a society of?
Life's a bitch and in the end we all fuckin die, will the society care?
Say who'll give a fuck???

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back in Black

You are inches away from death everytime you go outside your comfort zone. How much older can you be at your age? A half minute before that you were stepping into high school, and an unhooked brassiere was as close as you ever hoped to get to paradise! Only a fifth of a second before that you were a small kid with a ten week summer vaccation that lasted a hundred thousand years and still ended too soon. Zip! They go rocketing by so fast. How the hell are you ever going to slow time down?
No one can match the speed of time... it seems like only yesterday that I was crying for what'll I do without all the comforts that I have at home, in Jaipur but whooosh one month passed and it left me astonished of the fact that I survived without any dose of minimum 12 hrs of Internet and Music!!! Boi... am I strong? :P

And as expected of pr0n boi he managed to find a proxy to access orkut from KSA where its blocked but cudnt update the blog!!!