Friday, June 15, 2007


Contrary to common outsider beliefs, heavy metal fans have a variety of personalities, looks and attitudes.
Which Headbanger are you?

CLEAN CUT has a short, well-maintained haircut and looks like a Top-40 fanboy. Keeps all his music in alphabetical order.

DUDE looks 10 years older than he really is. Has a beer belly, ponytail and receding hairline. So shy around chicks that he couldn't get laid in a free whorehouse.

THE BURNOUT has long, stringy hair that hasn't been washed for 6-weeks. Upper eyelids are dark brown from excessive pot use.

CLUELESS ask this metal chick who she likes and she'll usually say Creed or some other lite-metal.

THE HOTTIE this chick has hair down to her waist and lets it fly from the first power chord. All you can think about when you see her is her hair flying while she's bouncing on your dick. Every DUDE dreams he can have her.

ADONIS is the gender opposite of THE HOTTIE. He always has perfectly permed hair, ultra-bright teeth and is always wearing an open shirt to show off his natural washboard abs. Thinks he can get any HOTTIE but is really more in love with himself than anything.

RUNT aka IMP is short, portly and is just starting into his teen years. He's just discovering the big boys of metal--Zeppelin, Sabbath, Maiden and Metallica and is easily impressed when you drop the names of a few Death/Power metal bands. May grow into a DUDE.

TRENDY follows every popular metal trend to come along. He cut his hair when Chris Cornell did, wore black clothes and colored contacts, colored a lock of hair red and had a bald head and soulpatch. Can't wait for the new metal mags to come out and hangs out at Hot Topic.

NORTON is bald, heavily tattooed and most likely to be seen in a neo-nazi pit swinging his fists at guys he has repressed homosexual love for.

THE FAKE always drops the names of metal bands he supposedly listens to. Bands he mentions are last year's favorites and are despised by real headbangers. Points his fingers a lot and tries to hook-up with CLUELESS at parties.

THE TROLL spends most of his time on Internet message boards arguing with other metal fans that he has listened to metal longer than them. Anytime a favorite band of his changes their style just the slightest bit, he is the first to declare them sell-outs.

EARTH DOG plays in a decent band and feels that they need more recognition, so he goes to a local radio station and threatens them with waterguns containing pepper sauce, demanding that their demo be played.

BIG HAIR is a chick who's stuck in the late-80s with teased-up hair, big legs and a skirt three sizes too short. Probably sucked off a member of Motley Crue, Poison or Warrant back in 1988. Her daughter did it in 2003.

STICK is a tall, rail-thin, lanky fucker who looks like a skeleton with skin. He wouldn't have any shape if it wasn't for his Adam's Apple.

BUBBA is fat, owns a truck, wears flannel shirts 7 days af the week and is more of a hard rock fan than a true metal head. He does know AC/DC, a few Metallica songs and knows Sabbath did Paranoid and Iron Man.

MULLET drinks Budweiser, drives a Camero, and digs 15 year olds. Most likely to be seen with BUBBA at a show. Wears mirrored sunglasses when he's high.

BETH is a sweet, average chick who gets her issues out with her earphones and a pawn shop stereo. She shocks everyone when she says she loves Overkill.

THE HEADBANGER is your average, run-of the-mill metal listener. They have some black shirts mixed in with their work clothes. They work regular jobs during the day and listen to their favorite CDs during the evening. They are the lifeblood that nourishes the metal scene. Appreciate them.

DISHRAG is the skanky slut who blows all the road crew for a backstage pass. She really doesn't care all that much for the bands, but since they're in town she has something to do.

CTHULU is the unshaven guy at a concert who towers over everybody else, but is too lumbering and stupified to get into the pit. Pushes a broomstick in a factory.

THE BLACK PLAGUE wears black clothes, has black hair, sleeps in a black room with black candles and would eat black cereal with black milk if possible.

VAMPYRE has a close resemblance to THE BLACK PLAGUE but is into sustaining his own lifeforce through other's blood and energy. Lives in a theater of mediocrity.

HELL RAT is into pentagrams, Satan and scaring people. Always said he'd die before he's thirty, but ends up married and miserable like the rest of us.

DREADHEAD hasn't seen the outside of his room for weeks, worships early Metallica, talks about death, nihilism and collects Nietzsche books he never reads.

THE WARRIOR thinks he's descended straight from the blood of Conan the Barbarian. Uses the words: faith, power, gods, grog and battle-ax a lot. Is married with kids and is waiting for Ragnarok to put him out of his misery.

JULIARD plays in a three-piece progressive metal band to single-digit crowds on the weekends and works at Longhorn Steakhouse during the weekday.

JAKE is big, ugly, hairy, looks like he just got out of jail yesterday and probably did.

BOOKER is the lone black guy you see at every metal concert.

GIMP is the lone handicap you see at every metal concert.

BRUCE is the lone homo at metal shows. Well, he's not alone; he's just the most visible.

THORAZINE is as crazy as a shithouse rat and listens to metal because it fits well with his hallucinations. Likes to take a daily cocktail of Prozac, Paxil, alcohol and crystal Meth.

THE CRITIC finds any negative thing he can say about every band and their music because he could never play a full song on his Sears-bought guitar much less tune it.

THE ARCHIVE has a housefull of metal. He has forgotten more bands then you'll ever know.

THE SNOB only listens to bands he thinks nobody has ever heard of whether they are good or not. Usually they aren't.

THE FOSSIL still has his Iron Butterfly album and calls any metal he hears "acid rock".

MACHINE HEAD owns half a dozen guitars, a Marshall stack and a $2000 pedal system. He can play a hundred riffs, but can't play a full song.

RIVITHEAD is a true metalhead, but can't hold down a job because he's about as bright as a burnt-out lightbulb in a trashcan on Jupiter. Usually found reading comic books in the booth at a self-service gas station.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ek Chidiya

Its next to impossible to forget this song if you had a TV(and watched it too) in the early 90's. May be 1989 - 1993 period. There were a bunch of 'short programs' that would be aired every now and then on DD national - the one and the only channel!. This one was "Ek Anek aur Ektha"