Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here I come Jaipur!

I am heading to Jaipur for a month... No not for the Gujjar Talks but for some serious shit... for my research work... mandatory Training cuz I managed to pass 3rd Year of my Engg.
And as per one of my friend (ORKUT id: 13217255264070278426 ) I should be happy cuz I'll get to meet 18 emo gals there but somehow I'm not convinced enough to be happy!!!I love being with my net pals more... Internet is my world and the world where I talk, play, fool, pwn, enjoy.... No i wasn't like this before but BROADBAND services ruined me!!! I am a Social Butterfly in the virtual world but hardly have 2-3 friends to go out with in the real world... I wonder what this trip in the outer world has in store for me!!! I pack my bag now...


P.S: pr0n boi shd keep the blog alive... if he doesn't he must be busy watching classic pr0n... Tera, Jenna, Aria, Tory etc. He be a SUPER PERVERT like Jiraiya sama from Naruto with a very high inclination towards the booties of AVN Award winners!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Okay.. to begin with I must admit that I've never been really impressed by my college's bands till date.. i mean not even once did i feel that the guys are worth listening to!!! These are big words coming from someone who's got really no talent at all but frankly speaking I think I know more music just by listening to the quality stuff and so the standards for me are pretty high!!!

But again there are exceptions and Ochreblue... a Progressive Rock band from my college who have always tried to work on OC's rather than practicing popular covers in the JAM ROOM recently released 4 of their songs!!!

Furia is a song full of energy
Venice is a song full of pain
Lady of the Glasshouse is a song full of soul

Boi... these guys are impressive and their music may remind you of Pain of Salvation and Ayreon!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scars On Broadway

Scars On Broadway, side project of Daron Malakian (SOAD's guitarist) owns you.
Yes, fer real.
If you are into 70's 80's rocknroll, then this band is for you. Even if you are not, you should listen to them. Or else I will kill you, because I am your God.
Here's a song from their project.. THEY SAY.. its all about to end

Download the song here...

Your new God.

I am your God.

This is all you need to know.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brilliant Idiots... eh?

For all those who still wonder why we exist and why do our numbers keep changing...

Brilliant idiots are Genetically mutated with some unknown virus or in simple language probed such that our activities could not only be monitored but also controlled by our kidnappers from JUPITER... you can say that we are multi-personality clones of each other who look different but think alike!!!
The reason why are numbers keep changing is simple... its cuz in some of our brothers the mutation got permanent like me and Shady while in others it was temporary and they got normal after the gene sequence in them which was altered got repaired by SELF MECHANISM of their LIFE!!!

Still curious... go and wiki the technical terms you /\55|-|0|_3, wiki-ing is a good habit and is also good for your brain!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Survival of the Weakest

"Survival of the Fittest", Originally applied by Herbert Spencer in his Principles of Biology of 1864, Spencer drew parallels to his ideas of economics with Charles Darwin's theories of evolution by what Darwin termed natural selection.

"Survival of the Weakest", is a hypothesis which i propose for all those guys who think that they are about to hit Rock bottom in their life... its a hope... its an optimistic yet realistic approach to stay happy in life... to never have the feeling of dejection or rejection... Rejection should make a person strong and not weak!!!
Rejection must lead to a "Fight Back" from you!!!
Its something which leads to a belief of just Surviving without caring for a victory!!!
Once you start failing at things everything seems to go out of place... Its hard to deal with failure but once you know and accept your weakness the only way to go is up!!!

Obviously in the exams of life you wont be able to just turn the tables upside down but its a funny thing... our life!!! THEY SAY: "You never know what's life got in store for you!!!"
I am not a believer in fate and all... so it all sounds crap to me!!!

Survival of the weakest applies only for temporary phases in life... and its end leads to a fresh start... A fresh start where in you need to play as a Juggernaut and not repeat the same mistakes twice...

I know that its just another stupid post on life but so what
Life's one stupid fuckin bitch all the way... and in the end all die!!!