Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Sinister Me

In the beginning, before all others, I would continuously cower,
so I sold my soul for the entirety of Satan's immense power.
I performed all the rituals, completed every last rite.
Now gone forever from me is my eternal light.
I inflicted malevolence on innocents to demonstrate my hate.
I have walked the roads that lead to hell but I can never escape my fate.
When the time drew night and I approached my death,
my conscience was occupied with all that I left.
Before me looms the divine who will give me his holy smite,
and condemn me to the bowls beneath the Earth's great height.
Here I will remain until the coming of the king of everyone,
when my earlier punishment will now be forever undone.
I will stand trial anew for my transgressions and await my end,
where I will suffer for all days and forever contend,
that for all the strength of this world and of every other,
I should never have taken my fire and made it forever smothered.