Thursday, May 29, 2008

ORKUT v1.1

"TIME CHANGES EVERYTHING" and Orkut's no exception... with the passage of time Google changed Orkut to make it more user friendly... take the apps for example... dont u get the feeling you're on Facebook now!!!
But there are something that never change... take a wild guess on what I am trying to reflect upon...
yes... the dumb-ass Orkut poseurs!!! (Watcha rofl-ing at... you might be one of those dumb-fuck-retards)

Time has changed and so have the antics of these Poseurs!!!

THE AGE OF "you-just-got-PWN3D" is upon us and in the words of Eric Cartman :"Looks like you're about to get pwned. Yeah!"
Yup... you got that right on... Orkut today is full of Self Pawners/Pooners who simply pretend to be KNOW-IT-ALL FAGGOTS and in reality are victims of wiki or google(Oops... I forgot that everyone in todays world is a victim of google... so I better not mention the big G)... Even I am victimised by google... "BLOGGER"... Hail Larry Page and Sergey Brin!!! But... lets just talk about the Self Pawners for now...
The New Age Orkutter now got more to do than just scribble retard things in others Scrapbook... they now know that communities exist and that Orkut did actually have options like NEW POST & NEW TOPIC in em!!! So just cuz they had to show off the world that they are SOMETHING... they choose to be "G-O-D"... yes... they know everything... and by everything I mean everything!!!

Then there are Orkutters who want everybody to notice them and therefore update their profile once every hour so that they appear in each of their anonymous friend's LATEST UPDATES Section... they are so much so obsessed with their Histrionic personality disorder that they themselves dont know what they are writing in their profile!!!

And there are Orkutters who pretend to be least bothered of their social network but are actually more conscious than a supermodel for impressions!!!

Holy Smoke... why the hell am I even discussing all this... Fuck it... its an abrupt ending I know but so what this is my blog and I dun feel like writing anymore about those lame Orkutters... do they deserve this spotlight??? No... so... dun you have anything else to do...

Monday, May 12, 2008


Well ever since I have heard this awesome song... its been on my mind!!!
Go buy the record and enjoy their music!!! Album's name is HOTBOX and Its great!!!
The lyrics are:

why don't, u see, the way that, i see things.
is it just, the way i am, different from, the way you are.
for you, i changed myself, about me, u never gave a fuck.
self righteous, constantly, but the only thing, constant is change.

where were u wise one,
when i needed inspiration
why dint you pull me when... (when i was stuck in the mud)
for you i changed myself
self righteous constantly ..


change yr house, change yr life,
change yr friends change yr rights
change the laws change the system
for a change u be the victim

please forgive me i did wrong im sorry u gotta go through ths song
i have no love left for you, im dedicating this one to you
for you i changed myself about me you dint give a fuck
self righteous constantly but the only thing constant is

change yourself that's what you said
why should i even care
why for you should i bleed
change from you is what i need

why change
why change
why change me
why do you want me to change this song


Friday, May 9, 2008

What is this world getting to?