Monday, November 5, 2007

Here I am :(

Hi idiots and my fellow Idiot Killers.
Notice how I greet my dear idiots first (after all they rule this world).
I choose to consider the reader to be an aspiring or a professional IK and so will straight away get to the point. Before I indulge in the topic of idiots I would like to simply classify them into those ‘who know they’ are and those ‘who don’t’ and straight away eliminate those idiots who know about the little glitch in their evolutionary conception.

Problem Statement:
I face with a very unique set of idiots. (I’ll give u a moment here to ponder at how I used ‘unique’ and ‘idiots’). These idiots, apart from having no clue about their uniqueness on this planet go on to live their well trained and neatly sketched lives, unfazed by the amazing wonders and infinite opportunities life provides them an us all in general.

A mystery doesn’t fascinate them let alone come to their attention, art doesn’t motivate them and greatness doesn’t elude them. Normalcy is such an issue to them that anything that they have been ‘taught’ to them becomes a natural fact that they will give all their energies to defend it……….. (Common Sammy that’s understandable u say but aaahhhh
I haven’t come to the worst part)…
And those like Reddy or Dhaw or me question these facts that they have established we don’t face disgust or hatred or even the simplest forms of disagreement…….we face sympathy!!!! Even worst, I face empathy. They want to fix my problem!!!!
One probably already gets the wavelength of our frustration by now, so ill save the swear words on this post. (Though the very thought brings some in)

So we have all each developed some defense mechanism to handle our respective idiots.
I for one am so overwhelmed by my idiots that whenever I cross their paths and get a look of disagreement or (even worst) of sympathy I quickly fire a defense rocket called “oops!! I am such an idiot” < swear loudly in my mind and cure life >.